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Did you know?

Cows defecate on average 30 kg/day (USDA)

With 1,500 MM heads of cattle in the world, there is an excessive amount of manure generated annually.


Cow manure generates environmental, social and regulatory problems

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Water pollution problem

Surface water contamination

Groundwater contamination

Drinking water contamination

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Air pollution problem

Greenhouse gases generation

Generation of bad odors

It favors the fires generation

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Regulatory problems

Closure of operation for dairy and beef cattle product to environmental problems

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Social problems

Conflicts with neighboring communities

Higher risk of diseases

Public opinion problems

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Soil contamination problem

Soil saturation, chemicals excess

Poisoning of livestock that consume the soils

Pests and bacteria generation

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We completely revalorize the solids in cow manure as a clean and multiple application biomass



We clean the solids through our innovative and patented process.


Variety of applications

Our end biomass can generate value on a variety of market: energy, feed and bedding.

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We separate the solid from the liquid of the animal slurry.

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We generate odorless, high calorific and pathogen-free biomass.

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Why Lignium?

Solving manure problem while generating a triple impact


Delivering cheap fuel to the population helping the decontamination of cities or new feed on markets with limited resources.

Eliminating bad manure odors in farms.

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Reducing dairy’s GHG related to manure management up to 68%

Negative Carbon Footprint

Helping the producers achieve a circular process.

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The cheapest non-fossil fuel on the market with a calorific value similar to its competition (wood pellet) in a market that is growing exponentially (pellet market)

Complies with all regulations.

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The most sustainable fuel on the market in both production and combustion.

Lignium impact
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